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      This not-for-profit webpage provides links to primarily Ottawa Valley, and Irish Traditional Music (ITM), activities in, or within a few hours of the Ottawa / National Capital Region of Canada.  Music is a shared experience between musicians and the audience.  Share with me so I can keep this webpage relevant and up to date.  My contact info is at the bottom of the page.  Thanks for dropping in!

      4 Feb 2014

      This Irish Music Ottawa webpage contains information that is fairly steady over time.

      For more information on concerts, workshops, theatre, and similar local Irish cultural events, then go to...

      The Irish Music Ottawa blog


      Tweets by @IrishMusicOtt


      The 10 Commandments of Jamming (session etiquette)

      Please support the session pubs with some of your business.


      Carp Celtic Jam

      7:30-9:30 PM, weekly, Masonic Lodge. Beginner supportive. Sheet music abounds. Fee $1 to $2 to cover hall expenses, (Carp location).



      Black Rose Pub

      7:30-9:00 PM, weekly, in the little pub downstairs from the Heart and Crown in the Byward Market. Session is started with The Black Rose Band, playing traditional Irish, Scottish and Canadian music. After 9 PM the session is open. Intermediate to advanced players. Lead by Frank Cassidy.


      Tartan Pub and Grill

      8PM, Every Tuesday, located in Orleans at corner of Jeanne D'Arc & Innes. KFC on the corner, in a strip mall, lots of parking. Irish, Scottish, Down-East, styles played and sung.  A large, but quiet, pub with a 'semi-private' space for the musicians. Free (Ottawa East location). Contact Gordon, 613-824-8890.

      Ottawa Celtic Choir

      Please, also refer to the Irish Music Ottawa Blog postings.



      Celtic Cross Pub

      7-11 PM, Open session every Wednesday night. This is a new session (Feb 2014), show up and lend your support and talent to the session! 343 Somerset St., just a few steps east of Bank St.

      The Swan On The Rideau Pub

      8PM, Town of Osgoode (at the junction of River Road and Roger Stevens Drive), open Irish/Celtic session; first Wednesday of every month. Friendly, relaxed session. Generally no sheet music. Free, and guests are welcome. Contact John Henderson at 613-489-0773, (Ottawa South location).

      Naismith Sports Pub

      7:30 PM, weekly, 411 Ottawa St, Almonte, ph: 613-256-6336 (location). For more info contact Charlie Dunlap at: cdunlap at xplornet dot com.

      Not-So-Slow Session

      7:30 PM, 2nd and 4th Wednesdays. Everyone gets a chance to start tunes at their own speed. For location, contact Rob: rcfroom \atsign/ magma \dot/ ca. Beginners welcome. No sheet music at this session. It is held in Hintonburg, Ottawa.
      Tune index here. Free.


       Ottawa Celtic Slow Jam

      7:30 PM, weekly, fee $2. Sheet music welcome, beginners welcome, Glebe Community Centre (Glebe location).

       Daniel O'Connell's Pub

      8 -12 PM, weekly, primarily experienced musicians, singers in English and Irish, guests welcome, free. No sheet music, (Hintonburg

      ?/span>location).  You never know what will happen, or who will show up, at this one.  One free pint to musicians that participate (but don't forget to tip!). Always a great time.


      No sessions

      This space made with 100% filler.  Here is a link to an interesting article entitled "How to Start and Run an Irish Slow Session (session dynamics)" by Chris Smith.  Very good observations are made, and they apply not just to slow sessions.  See also The 10 Commandments of Jamming.


      No sessions

      See below for weekend events such as: Comhaltas ceili's, Old Sod Folk Society Contra Dancing, Irish stage plays, Concerts, etc. Also, refer to the IMO blog.


       Cape Breton Session

      2-5 PM, First and third Sundays of every month, Royal Oak Pub 318 Bank St. at MacLaren.  Primarily Cape Breton fiddle music (very few Irish tunes).  Check the session site for set lists and the dots.

      Patty's Pub Session

      2:30- 5:30 PM weekly, 1186 Bank St, Old Ottawa South. Currently it's been mostly fiddles and flutes that have been showing up (with their owners no less). No sheet music. Session is 'medium-to-advanced' players. Players should be comfortable with their instrument and able to play at moderate speed. When session may not be held: summer, Mother's/Father's Day, possibly other major holidays. Contact Rosalyn (via Irish Music Ottawa).


      (sorted by distance from Ottawa, nearest at the top)

      Current Concert listings, Workshops, Festivals, Language schools, and other Irish Music Ottawa related news  are now posted on the companion site, the Irish Music Ottawa BLOG. Depending on how often you check the blog, you may want to read back a month or two, to see what may be coming soon.

      Noteworthy annual events: Oireachtas Gaeilge Cheanada (late June 2013); Russell CelticFest (month of June); Almonte Celtfest (month of July); Goderich Celtic Roots Festival (month of August, Goderich, On)


      Search Ottawa Kijiji keyword: "fiddle", "violin", "concertina", "accordian", "flute", "whistle", "acoustic (See Note)", "mandolin", "pipes", "harp"

      Search Used Ottawa keyword: "fiddle", "violin", "concertina", "accordian", "flute", "whistle", "acoustic", "mandolin", "pipes", "harp"

      View: Chiff and Fipple Instrument Exchange

      Note: e.g. "acoustic" guitar, this should filter out the "heavy metal axes"

      Ceilis / Dancing

      Theatre and Cinema

      Musical Groups (active and playing locally)

      Local Irish Literature

      Other Events and Resources (see also The Gaelic Hour calendar , and on Twitter, for a great listing of local Irish news and events, a superb monthly email of happenings)

      (sorting in this section is a bit of everything)

       Ottawa Area


      Towards Toronto..

       Online Audio

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       Tunes, Archives

       Practice &  Instruction



      Do you teach? Not listed here? Tell me what you teach, and provide contact info. See bottom of page for my contact.

      Contact the scribe, Craig, at:

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